What happened at the Galleria? Officials quiet about stabbing and fight

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO — Two emergency calls from the St. Louis Galleria on Saturday has some voicing their concerns over safety at the Richmond Heights mall.

Some shoppers admit they’re shying away from the St. Louis Galleria over safety concerns.

“Probably a couple years ago I stopped coming down. I used to come down a lot, but since a couple years ago I don’t feel comfortable," says one shopper.

“I do more online shopping and I’m just not really crazy about the things that I’ve been hearing," admits another.

Saturday around 11:30 a.m. there was a stabbing at the St. Louis Galleria when a man got into a fight with another customer inside a store.

Then, just four hours later, a large fight broke out inside the mall and eight people were taken into police custody.

“The incidents that occurred this weekend again they’re very unusual and they Didn’t affect simple shoppers at the Galleria. These were specific people who got into an argument and it escalated so for the general population that will be there shopping or working or simply visiting it doesn’t happen to those folks," says Richmond Heights Police Chief Doug Schaeffler.

But some shoppers say they just simply don’t feel safe.

“I’m older now and I don’t feel good. I can shop closer to home and feel more comfortable it’s more safe so that’s kind of what I’m doing now. I have teenage grandchildren and I’m like no don’t you become in this bar down to shop," says one woman.

“I’m sure efforts will be stepped up now. I’d like to see our mayor be a little more verbal," says a man.

FOX 2  reached out to Richmond Heights City Hall Monday morning and both the mayor and city manager were unavailable to talk about the incidents.

The only person talking from Richmond Heights is the Chief of Police and he says they will be increasing patrols in and around the Galleria on the weekends on top of their current strategy.

“We have officers assigned to the Galleria that work indoors and out in the parking lot, we have another officer assigned to the streets, the roadway area surrounding the Galleria and the boulevard and all those businesses. Plus we have a district car there so we have an overlay of four vehicles there at any given time," says Chief Schaeffler.

FOX 2 also reached out to the Galleria management and has not heard back. The chief adds that his department is still looking for the suspect(s) involved in the stabbing.

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