Homeless being targeted with paintball attacks

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ST. LOUIS - Someone is terrorizing the homeless in St. Louis, shooting at them with a paintball gun outside the city’s homeless shelter, Biddle House.

FOX 2's Elliott Davis was there, working on a story for his social media account when someone opened fire with a paintball gun on a group of homeless people sitting on the corner of the Biddle House homeless shelter in downtown St. Louis.

He captured cellphone video early Sunday morning of what he believed to be the suspect's car speeding off and a man, who had been struck, wiping blue paint off his neck.

Attacks like it have been terrorizing these people for at least 4 weeks according to Calvin Lanier. Lanier was around for the first attack and recalls one minute he and his friends were sitting around talking before they were hit.

“Next thing we know, ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,’ everybody running,” said Lanier.

“Like running for their life,” he added.

One man who asked to stay anonymous showed us the welts on his leg from a paintball.

“I was just walking down the street and I got shot at,” he said.

Lanier said the attacks happen regularly in the middle of the night.

St. Louis Police said they didn't receive a call Sunday morning but they did get a call for an incident on June 15th when a female victim was struck by a paintball, however, police said a report was never filed because the victim was refusing to provide details on the incident.

“I think it`s wrong for people to do us like that because we be minding our own business,” Lanier said. He thinks they suspects are trying to send a hurtful message of, “you all are homeless you`re no good."

Families with small children have set up camp outside the Biddle House, many, seeking services to get off the streets and find a better life.

Lanier’s message to the suspects: “Biddle House is trying to help us get to one level to the next and we want you all to quit doing this.”

Davis handed over his video of the suspect's vehicle to police. Police are investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to call the St. Louis Police Department or CrimeStoppers.

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