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Heat causes part of I-55 in central Illinois to buckle

WILLIAMSVILLE, IL - Officials say crews will be working to repair a section of Interstate 55 in central Illinois where the roadway buckled in the recent high temperatures.

Illinois State Police said Tuesday the middle and left lanes for northbound I-55 near the community of Williamsville have been closed by the state highway department for repairs that could take several days.

“That’s scary because somebody could get hurt,” said Elkhart resident Deb Foster.

Police are urging caution by drivers as they approach the area about 10 miles northeast of Springfield.

“Sow down not just because the danger of the road but because of the guys working on the road,” said Foster. “We’ve got friends and that’s what they do for a living and we want them to come home safe too.”

The road damage happened as the National Weather Service says Monday's temperatures reached 94 degrees in Springfield. That was the fourth straight day of high temperatures more than 90 degrees.