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Carjacking victim recounts incident that seriously injured the owner of ‘Gus Gus Fun Bus”

ST. LOUIS - Danielle Milton and her girlfriend Faith Edwards were spending the weekend in St. Louis. They went house hunting, paddle boating and then headed to Taste of St. Louis around noon on Saturday.

Danielle said they parked their truck about 300 feet from the event. They got out and were trying to figure out the parking meter when a man ran up, grabbed Faith’s arm and started spraying mace in her eyes.

Danielle threw a soda at the man’s head and then he sprayed her with mace too. She said she yelled at a man recording this on his cell phone to call 911. The man was Mike Arnold the owner of 'Gus Gus Fun Bus'.

When she turned back around and the attacker had gotten the keys. Danielle tried to fight him for the keys again but it was too late. She said the man put the car in drive and took off. He tried to make a U-turn and, in the process, ran over Arnold, swiped another man on the sidewalk and almost hit two police officers before crashing into a pedestrian pole.

Curtis Alford and Jana Stowers were arrested and charged.

Faith’s truck was totaled. Danielle said she had been working her whole life to buy that truck and had not even made the first payment yet.

Danielle said she keeps reliving the events that day and wishes that someone would have stepped in during the attack.

Danielle knows that a GoFundMe account has been set up for Arnold and she hopes that people continue to donate there. Her and Faith have also set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the truck damage that will have to come out-of-pocket.

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