You Paid For It seeks answers from Gov. Parson on cameras placed on MoDOT property

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ST. LOUIS - You Paid For It calls on Missouri's new Governor to reverse MoDOT's decision ordering the city to take down license plate readers that are on MoDOT Property.

Wednesday the governor tells Elliott Davis he'll take a hard look at the action by MoDOT.

The previous MoDOT Director had given St. Louis permissions to put up the cameras on MoDOT Property.   Then the new director reversed that decision.

The cameras have already helped police make nearly 150 arrests and they help locate stolen cars.

The DEA also asked MoDOT for permission to put up cameras on its property and was turned down.

MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna says his agency never had the authority to allow the cameras on its property in the first place.

You Paid For It had questions about that answer. Investigator Elliott Davis decided to go up the ladder.

We took the issue to the office of the new Governor Mike Parson yesterday in Jefferson City.  The office promised to take a hard look at it.

Today Elliott got a chance to ask the Governor on camera about MoDOT's decision at an event in St. Louis.

The Governor says his new attorney is coming aboard tomorrow and they will look at the matter.

Governor Parson says he's in favor of keeping tools that will help fight crime.

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