Firefighter battle 4 alarm fire and 90-degree heat

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO – While firefighters were trying to put out those flames, they couldn't control the heat of Mother Nature.

There wasn’t a lot of shade, but there`s a lot of black top making it hot on top of the heat from the fire, and that`s what crews had to deal with and while battling the flames.

Captain Robert Daus with the Maryland Heights Fire Department say more than 100 firefighters were called out to the scene; from more than eight different departments. He says it was important to have so many crews because the fire was moving quickly through the 36-unit apartment building, and between the heat from the fire and the heat outside, firefighters were needed to do extra shift changes. He says medics were also on scene to keep a close eye on fire fighters; checking their vitals and making sure none were being overcome by heat. Daus says the apartment complex management let Cruse use their clubhouse to cool down if necessary. He says none of the firefighters suffered any heat related injuries; and he points to keeping a close eye on managing their exposure.

'We`re going to rotate cruise out cold or they can take off their gear, cool down, hydrate and then will cycle them again,” said Captian Robert Daus, Maryland Heights Fire Department.

He says at one point the crews ran out of drinking water; so, they had to go out and replenish their supply.  He says staying hydrated is key when you`re caring more than 60 pounds of equipment and exerting a lot of energy to fight these fires.

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