Warming Centers for the Metro St. Louis Area
Closings: Schools, churches, day-cares and businesses

Storm damage reported in south St. Louis

ST. LOUIS - Late morning storms blew through the St. Louis area carrying damaging winds of up to 60 mph and hail.

Some residents in the St. Louis neighborhood of St. Louis Hills are reporting damage.

A homeowner living near Delor Street and Jamieson Avenue said she felt her entire house shake when a city tree crashed onto her roof. It left a hole about 10 feet wide in the roof above her children’s bedrooms. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the homeowner said besides the gaping hole, there is quite a bit of rain damage inside her home now. She said about a month ago, she reported the tree to the city, asking if someone could take a look at it because large branches were falling, but no one came out.

A few blocks away, winds toppled tents set up for St. Gabriel’s annual Parish Picnic in Francis Park. The wind reduced one tent to a mound of mangled metal.

Patti Levitt was at the picnic when the storm raced in and described it as intense and scary. She and three others braced themselves as powerful wind and hail blew in.

“Me and a couple other people, we dropped it all the way to the ground and literally huddled underneath it in the dead center and just held on and waited for it to pass,” Levitt said.

Neighbors are also reporting a city tree fell and is blocking the street near Loran and Tamm Avenues.

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