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City of Wildwood has Lake Chesterfield drained to search for leaks

WILDWOOD, Mo. – Wildwood residents may finally be getting some answers as to why a lake has been springing leaks over the last several years.

Lake Chesterfield in Wildwood is a muddy pit again but residents of the subdivision aren't too upset about the eyesore because the lake was drained on purpose this time.

The homeowners’ association opened the main spillway Wednesday to drain the water, allowing the banks to dry out, so engineers could walk on the surface. A team from Missouri University of Sciences and Technology will try to pinpoint if and where there may be cavities or caves or voids that have caused the lake to drain at least twice in the last decade.

Residents said they’re very pleased with the chance to finally get a solution to the problem.

"It's great—great—that they are actually having some eyes and hands on the problem here. As far as how in depth they're getting, we're not really privy to that information. However, we do know that they're coming out and they're going to look into some sort of a solution, which is great for the area,” said Colby Geile, who lives in the subdivision. “It’s been a struggle to try to get the community involved and pushed to toward our board and other collective area boards to get their eyes fully focused on the problem and coming up with a potential rectification for the issue."

The engineering team from Missouri University of Sciences and Technology should be on site next week. The lake will remain without water for maybe a month as they collect data and make recommendations.

The cost to drain the lake came to $35,000. The City of Wildwood covered $26,000 of the costs and the Lake Chesterfield Homeowners’ Association picked up the remaining $9,000.