Warming Centers for the Metro St. Louis Area
Closings: Schools, churches, day-cares and businesses

Summertime approaches as temperatures climb in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – Summer has arrived quickly yet again in St. Louis and so people are spending the first few days of June looking for ways to stay cool.

More than 40,000 fans were in attendance at Busch Stadium downtown as the Cardinals faced the Miami Marlins. But at the temperatures soared into the 90s Thursday, Cardinals fans were feeling the Miami-like heat and taking extra safety precaution to stay cool.

"I'm going to pour that water bottle on my head cause it's hot out," said young fan Teegan Rickly.

With water bottles in their hands and sunglasses, Cardinals fans rose to the challenge of staying refreshed and hydrated.

"This is normal St. Louis weather. We are prepared for the weather - water, sunscreen, hats," said Jamie Reed.

Over at the the St. Louis Zoo, at least 20 camps paid a visit and camp organizers said they can see up to 20,000 people on a busy day, no matter the weather.

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