Skylight busted at Kirkwood High School; police investigating

KIRKWOOD, Mo. - Kirkwood police are trying to determine who climbed up to the roof of Kirkwood High School and busted through a skylight.

Police detectives believe it happened during the Memorial Day weekend. However, school officials didn’t report the incident until they returned back to the school after the holiday on May 29 and discovered pieces of the skylight had fallen into the main office.

Police don’t believe anyone gained access to the building because a metal grate between the light and the office was not broken.

A school spokesperson said construction crews were making repairs on the roof above the office to fix leaks and get rid of the skylight altogether. The repairs were approved for and scheduled even before the incident.

Investigators have been analyzing evidence left at the scene. Anyone with information is asked to call the Kirkwood Police Department at 314-822-5858.