St. Clair County Deputies to help provide security on MetroLink trains

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Board of Aldermen okay-ed a measure on Friday that's designed to make the MetroLink System safer. It will allow St. Clair County Sheriff’s Deputies to help patrol MetroLink trains coming through St. Louis as well as St. Louis City MetroLink platforms.

Right now, the City of St. Louis doesn't have the manpower to put security on MetroLink at night and so the platforms and people are unguarded.

St. Clair County Sheriff Rick Watson came up with the idea of helping the city with its security problem by supplying deputies.

They ride the trains anyway and will simply keep heading west into St. Louis. They'll have the power to detain people who they suspect of wrongdoing, but they'll have to call a city police officer to make an actual arrest.

The legislation now just needs themayor's signature.