Move Over to Save Lives this Memorial Day Weekend

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A tow truck driver who almost lost his life on the job after he was struck on the side of I-70 is urging drivers this Memorial Day weekend to move over.

It’s a message that goes hand in hand with what Missouri State Highway Patrol urging.

With the help of crutches, Johnathon Nelson takes his first look at the tow truck he never made it back into the February morning he was helping clean up an accident.

"I reached for the door handle and the next thing I know, I’m lying in the middle on the side of the road, in the fast lane,” said tow truck driver Johnathon Nelson. “I never made it inside my truck. I never saw it coming, I just heard it," he said.

A truck hit him on I-70 westbound at Highway K. A Missouri State Trooper pulled him to safety but the hit would put Nelson on a long road to recovery.

"I basically have to relearn how to walk, how to do everything,” he said. “It is shattered my hip and broke a lot of things that are crucial to what you need, but I`m just lucky to be alive.”

It never should have happened. In Missouri, it is the law to move over or slow down for emergency or stranded vehicles.

“We want to remind people of the “Move Over” law in Missouri,” said Missouri State Trooper Dallas Thompson. “If you see emergency vehicles ahead of you with their lights activated, you need to move over to the other lane. If you can’t do that, you need to slow down to a safe speed and proceed, passing them with caution.”

Troopers will be out in full force over the weekend making sure people are not driving while intoxicated and driving within the speed limit.

“You know, there’s too many people that are getting hurt and killed because people don’t want to pay attention, they don’t want to slow down and move over,” said Nelson, who nearly lost his life when a driver failed to move over. “It’s the law and it’s just sad that it takes stuff like this to happen for people to really realize how important it is.”

Illinois also has implemented the “Move Over” law.

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