Contact 2: Cosmetic surgery staff accused of taking woman’s picture without consent

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ST. LOUIS, MO - “This was horrible for me,” said Cynthia. For privacy, we’re not sharing her last name. She’s talking about her recent experience at Sono Bello’s cosmetic surgery location in Creve Coeur. She knew liposuction would be painful, but the hurt she’s feeling has nothing to do with the procedure itself.

“I was at a loss for words. I said to my husband, look. He said how’d that get there? And I said I have no idea.” Said Cynthia.

Cynthia asked us to blur the image she found on her cell phone. She says it was taken during her operation without her knowledge or permission.

“It was my phone and my property. So how could anybody do this to me?” said Cynthia.

After confiding in a nurse, Cynthia tells me she met with another Sono Bello staff member.

“She said well they thought you’d find it funny. I said what? I said, who thought they’d find it funny?” added Cynthia.

It appears Sono Bello’s corporate office wasn’t laughing. Cynthia shared this voicemail she says she received from the company’s Vice President of Operations, John Sanders.

“We’ve spoken to a nurse who’s under suspension now. The Doctor is being interviewed by our HR group that handles doctor situations,” said Sanders.

Sono Bello escalated its action once Contact 2’s Mike Colombo got involved. After questioning the company, it responded with a statement saying its investigation found a staff member did take a photo of the patient without the patient’s consent, using the patient’s phone. The statement goes on to say that while the intent may have been innocent, we have no tolerance for violations of patient privacy. We have terminated the staff person who took the photo. As our investigation continues, we may take additional disciplinary steps for others.”

“I know how bad it has made me feel. Violated. My privacy. My own personal phone. It’s not funny by no means and I don’t want nobody else to deal this way and have to feel this way.” Said Cynthia.

Other than informing the public, Cynthia says she’s not sure what next steps she’ll take with her case. She has spoken to a pair of attorneys but has not hired anyone or even filed a police report. The procedure cost nearly $7,000 and she tells me she has no issues with the quality of the work Sono Bello performed. We’ll continue to follow this story.

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