Closings: Schools, churches, day-cares and businesses

Heavy rainfall causes flash flooding in Park Hills MO

PARK HILLS, MO - In some spots of Park Hills flash flooding left behind water in basements and busted street pavement into several pieces.  There was even damage to one section of railroad tracks.

Gary Barlow was pumping water out of his aunt’s home on Mitchell Street.  He said his rain gauge was empty before the rain started and an hour and a half later it held seven inches of water.

“I’ve never seen it rain that hard in all my life,” said Barlow.

Park Hills resident Megan Lynch was working at her family’s daycare when the rain started.  She said suddenly the water was a foot high and approaching the daycare.  She was worried about the safety of the kids but the water went down before it reached the building.  The rush of water left the paved street in front of the daycare looking like a busted-up jigsaw puzzle.

“It was just unreal it was like the asphalt was just standing up,” said Lynch.  “It was like water fountains coming out of the ground because the water was hitting so hard.”

Park Hills police were going door to door checking on residents.  We’ve asked the police department how many homes and business were flooded and are awaiting their count.