Despite storms St. Louisans get out for outdoor events

ST. LOUIS – Rain canceled the Muny’s Centennial Gala performance last night but this afternoon's severe weather isn’t holding back dedicated fans.

“Any rain at all isn’t going to damper us from getting to see this," says one woman.

Diehard theater fans weren’t scared away by this afternoon’s severe storms even after the Muny’s centennial performance was rescheduled last night due to the rain.

“We could see them mopping the stage and trying to make everything right because it would rain often on and we didn’t know if they would cancel but we just kept hanging in there," explains Judy Quick.

People had that same spirit at the taste of Maplewood this afternoon.
“I live down the street and we were just coming rain or shine," says a fest goer.

People packed the streets, sampling a little local food and stopping into nearby shops.

“You know small businesses have to do the best they can. They can’t really control the weather obviously so it’s really important that customers support them whether or not it’s perfect out. You know if it’s pouring it’s still gonna be a party," exclaims Cary Exler.

Morgan brown agrees, " It’s St. Louis. We always deal with it, right? You never know what you’re gonna get."

The National Weather Service says there were wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour at times with some hail. The storm ran mainly along I-70 and hit hard at Busch Stadium during the Cardinals game. Dominic Thomas shared a video of fans taking shelter underneath the stands waiting for the storm to pass. Tom Kovach snapped this picture of ground crews covering the field as rain poured down. Stacy Godlewski was there and decided not to wait out the storm. She says, "We were at the Cardinals game got rained out and decided to come here and I see you’re prepared this time we did but just in case.“

There's another round of thunderstorms tonight with some possible hail, so if you have plans outside this weekend check in with our Fox 2 weather app.