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Greitens’ attorneys file police report against ex-FBI agent involved in case

ST. LOUIS, MO - A St. Louis police department spokesperson confirms the department has opened an investigation after meeting with Greitens' defense lawyers Ed Dowd and Scott Rosenblum Tuesday.

Dowd and Rosenblum want police to investigate private investigator Willam Don Tisaby accusing him of falsification.

They say that Tisaby lied about his methods and the evidence he collected during the invasion of privacy investigation into Governor Greitens by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's office.

Greitens attorneys say Tisaby refused to testify in a deposition about his perjury and misbehavior in the case and pleaded the Fifth Amendment in response to over 50 questions.

The defense claims Tisaby's lies have caused problems in the remaining case against the Governor accusing him of felony computer tampering.

The prosecution agreed to dismiss the case on Monday.