Illinois Emergency Management Agency calls for more regulation of radioactive material in jewerly

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SPRINGFIELD, IL –  The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is calling for stricter regulations regarding the sale of certain homeopathic pendants.  The pendants contain minimal amounts of radiation.  They are worn around the neck and are advertised as a healing product.

The IEMA recently examined a pendant given to them by a concerned consumer.  The examination determined it contained a minimal amount of naturally occurring radiation and did not pose any health or safety concerns.

The IEMA said wearing the product for extended periods of time can increase radiation exposure to skin.  Physicists with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency recommend consumers keep a layer of clothing between their skin and the pendant if they want to minimize exposure.   The agency would like to see regulations that provide consumers with more details about what they are buying.

“Our main focus here again is to inform consumers that there are potential for radioactive materials in these pendants and have them make their own decision on whether they want to continue wearing them or dispose of them,” said IEMA Physicist Gibb Vinson.

He said stricter regulations could also help ensure radiation levels remain minimal.  The pendant examined by the agency was purchased in the Chicago area.

“We suspect the store owner purchased it via the internet, bought them in bulk over the internet and had them shipped to his facility from China,” said IEMA Physicist Kelly Horn.

The agency encourages anyone with questions to visit the IEMA website for more details.

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