Pam Hupp trial: Judge says evidence in death of mother not allowed

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO - Pam Hupp’s attorneys are continuing to fight to keep evidence out of her upcoming murder trial.  On Monday, the defense was successful in getting the judge to exclude evidence about the mysterious death of Hupp's mother. But the judge did not decide whether evidence in the unsolved murder of Betsy Faria could be used in the upcoming trial.

Hupp faces charges of first-degree murder and armed criminal action for reportedly picking up a random victim with disabilities, driving him to her house, and shooting him in her living room.

In August 2016, Hupp told police that Louis Gumpenberger forced himself into her house.  She said she had no choice but to shoot him. Police and prosecutors say she killed Gumpenberger in an elaborate plot to deflect suspicion from here in the murder of Betsy Faria’s in 2011.

Both sides also argued a lot about the failure to get evidence from each other. This is looking to be a tremendous case with at least 134 witnesses so far.

An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for June 8, 2018, which could include testimony from twelve witnesses. Hupp’s trial remains scheduled for September 11.

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