Did the Circuit Attorney used funding to prosecute Gov. Greitens over other criminal cases?

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ST. LOUIS – The You Paid For It team is investigating concerns that the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's prosecution of Greitens case push many other criminal cases onto the back burner.

It's also prompting the call by some St. Louis City Aldermen to dig into whether funds meant to fight crime was spent fighting Governor Greitens.

The Board of Aldermen appropriated $390,000 to help her fight crime.  Kim Gardner said she needed that money for victim’s services for witness protection, as well as a diversion program for people headed down the wrong road and for community engagement.

Aldermanic President Lewis Reed who supported the bill says he's not sure whether the money was spent as intended.

Alderman Tom Oldenburg goes much further than Reed. He says he believes many other cases have gotten sidelined because of the prosecutors focus on Governor Greitens.

Families are also concerned too.

The family of Huan Le, the Vietnamese immigrant savagely beaten in an alley behind his southside business hasn't heard from the Circuit Attorney's Office in months. His father a cancer patient later died.

His son says the case of his father is just as important to them as the Greitens case.

The Public Defender for the City of St. Louis courts has also weighed in. She's filed a petition with the courts saying defendants are having to stay in jail longer because their public defenders can't get the information their entitled to from the Circuit Attorney in a timely manner.

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