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‘The Phantom of the Opera’ at the Fabulous Theatre through May 20

ST. LOUIS - Going to great lengths to put their own spin on “The Phantom of the Opera.” Take the lead actor, who is heads and tails above the others who have portrayed the phantom, standing at a good 6’8” tall.

“I thought The Muny would be the biggest theatre I’ve ever played and it is, of course, at 11,000 seats,” says Quentin Oliver Lee, who plays the titular Phantom role. “But the Fox certainly feels as big. You keep looking and there’s more people, aisles after aisles.”

“Yeah this production is, I like to say, kind of an amped up version of the brilliant original,” says Eva Tavares, who plays Christine Daae. “We have more technology now than we did 30 years ago that we can play with as far as sound, set design, and pyrotechnics. So you’re just going to see certain things amped up.”

On Thursday morning, the crews at Fox Theatre were wiring up the famous chandelier. It makes an explosive entrance in the story of a love triangle, a lot of ups and downs and a new set and take on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical classic making its Fox Theatre debut through May 20.

Running through the “Music of the Night” and Fabulous Fox Theatre set, it's a work out for this cast and crew.

“That’s been probably one the most exciting things for me to learn is how to use my body to convey these emotions more than just my voice,” says Lee.