‘Thank you all for your prayers’ Yadier Molina has positive update after emergency surgery

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ST. LOUIS, MO — Yadier Molina has an update on his condition after he was struck in the groin by a 102-mph fastball Saturday. He says in an Instagram post that there is some pain, but he has a positive outlook.

Internal bleeding from the injury was so out-of-control it required emergency surgery. The Cardinals said Molina will be out for four weeks.

This is a rough translation from Spanish to English of Molina’s Instagram post:

“How rich it feels to walk without pain 😂😂😂 🤔 Good, a little pain 😂😂 Thank you all for your prayers 🙏🏻 they really help! I am very positive and crazy to get well, to return to the field with my team and teammates! Thank you again for all your messages and prayers! God bless you all!! Lets go Cards !!!!”


Jeremiah Raber trusts in his product “Armored Nutshellz” so much that he tested it out on himself. In a video he posted on his company website, he’s shown in a forested area, standing by a tree, wearing an athletic cup with a target on it; then you here a gunfire and sure enough, the cup stopped the bullet.

He created bulletproof cups for high performing athletes, law enforcement, and military. Raber said the Cardinals reached out to him Sunday to buy three sets of Nutshellz after Yadier Molina was struck in the groin by a fastball. The Cardinals heard about Nutshellz from the Baltimore Orioles which supplied them to all of their catchers in major, minor and AAA to prevent serious injuries. The catchers with the Cleveland Indians wear them too after past injuries had them looking for better protection.

“The players that are having these injuries realize now that they need something a little bit more than the companies that are trying to sell them,” said Jeremiah Raber, CEO of Armored Nutshellz.

They’re made out of Kevlar, carbon fibers and aero-space epoxies and are more anatomically correct, covering more of the groin region than the average cup.

Plus, Raber says it doesn’t hurt a player’s confidence knowing they’re behind the plate wearing a cup that can stop a bullet.

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