Political consultant speaks out about Greitens donor list

ST. LOUIS - As the countdown continues to Governor Eric Greitens highly anticipated trial in St. Louis, we`re learning more about the investigation into his charity, The Mission Continues.

Mike Hafner, a political consultant, has been thrown into the spotlight after being subpoenaed by the House Investigative Committee.

“Obviously I had all this information for three years,” Hafner said. “If I wanted to use it against Eric Greitens politically, I could`ve used it in the primary, I did not.

Hafner testified he received a donor list of the organization`s contributors from an Eric Greitens` assistant in January of 2015.

“At the time, I didn`t know it was a Mission Continues list,” Hafner said. “It was described to me as Mission Continues donors, but I had no idea it was property of the charity.”

The consultant`s recollection of when he received the donor list differs from the governors`.

In an ethics complaint settlement, Greitens claimed the list was not shared until March 2015 and it was an in-kind campaign donation only worth $600 dollars.

Hefner says otherwise.

“It included contact information to high wealth individuals,” he said. “High network individuals, companies, billion-dollar foundations. It had contacts of former United States Presidents on the list. So, in my experience, a list like that would be worth well in excess of $600.”

The trial date for this hasn’t been set.

Meanwhile, in the governor`s alleged invasion of privacy case today.

St. Louis prosecutors obtained the governor`s cell phone so forensic experts can collect evidence.

This is a crucial moment since the governor is accused of taking a nude or semi-nude picture of his former mistress while she was blindfolded.