St. Charles teacher wins $500 after promoting random acts of kindness

ST. LOUIS, MO — Bonnie Getz is a 3rd-grade teacher at Becky-David Elementary School, St. Charles, MO. She provides rewards students for random acts of kindness in the classroom.

Rhonda Pieper nominated Getz. She provided several examples: "For grandparents day, she invites her own Mom and Grandma to serve those students who do not have a grandparent for that day. The kids get to buy a book from the book fair that day. She makes sure every child gets to buy a book. Guess where all these “rewards and book money” come from? Yes her own selfless pocket. Her students adore her and cry at the end of the school year when they have to leave her daily loving environment. She is truly the type of teacher EVERY parent wants for their child."

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