St. Louis teacher speaks from hospital bed after hit and run

ST. LOUIS – A local elementary school teacher who was struck by a vehicle in front of her home is speaking out from her hospital bed in the hopes the person responsible will come forward.

The accident happened near Paris Avenue and Natural Bridge.

Tequias Bass, 42, said she was coming home from a wedding when she was hit by a car.

“They came so fast from out of nowhere," she said.

Police rushed to the scene knowing the driver never stopped. Bass, a third-grade science teacher at Yeatman Elementary School in north St. Louis, said she could not get a good description of the vehicle or the driver.

"They left the scene of the accident even though they knew they hit me twice and hit another car, but they continued to speed off,” Bass said.

With 14 stitches and a fractured arm and leg, she said she's in a lot of pain. It could be months before she walks again.

But Bass has evidence, she said. The hit and run driver left behind parts of their fender. It was stuck in her leg.

"In my right leg, I can't move it at all. It’s so swollen (and) bruised. A lot of muscle and tissue damage," Bass said.

As she focuses on recovering and getting back in the classroom, she is anxious for an arrest.

"Bring yourself forward,” Bass said. “A lot of people lives have been touched by me being hit.”

Anyone with information regarding the accident should contact St. Louis police.