Local lawmakers react over upcoming special session on Greitens

ST. LOUIS - Missouri lawmakers may get an earful from constituents this weekend. It was a wild week in Jefferson City with the spotlight focused on Governor Eric Greitens and his legal problems.

A special House investigative committee released another report about the governor and his alleged use of a charity’s donor list to raise money for his campaign for governor. The next day, the legislature voted to call itself into a special session for the first time ever, where they could vote to impeach a governor.

Representatives Deb Lavender (D-Kirkwood) and Shamed Dogan (R-Ballwin) discussed the likeliness that the governor would be impeached.

“We’ll come back as a body and most likely we’ll vote to impeach this governor,” Lavender said. “Definitely both (Democrats and Republicans).”

The special session gets underway May 18, just days after the governor’s first felony trial begins.

“I’m not prejudging impeachment,” Dogan said. “What I do know the entire basis for Eric Greitens’ campaign was a lie and he lied consistently. There’s a pattern of lying.”