Gov. Greitens’ lawyers: ‘The lying and concealing has not stopped’

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ST. LOUIS, MO — Governor Greitens’ defense lawyers have added to their motion to prohibit testimony of the alleged victim. The latest filing talks more about the mysterious $100,000 cash payment delivered to attorney Al Watkins, who was behind the outing of the affair.

The defense says Watkins revealed in a deposition that he told prosecutors about the payment before the indictment. The motion says, “The prosecution knew that one of their witnesses, P.S., had received a financial incentive related to this case and yet never disclosed this.”

The defense adds that it would like to depose Scott Faughn, who we now know delivered half of the $100,000 cash but, “It appears at this point he has gone into hiding."

The defense also says the possibility cannot be ignored that the alleged victim could profit. Lawyers wrote: “…among the K.S. text messages produced yesterday is one from a friend who, referring to the news when it first broke, said, “It’s kind of cool – you might become rich off it.” K.S. responded, “LOL!!!!””

The defense points out evidence politics was at play before legislators began their inquiry. The defense team quotes text messages from a Missouri House Representative to the alleged victim -- “my House Dem leadership insist you need a lawyer fast.” The motion continues, “Two hours later, Ms. Newman says, “I may need to talk w your lawyers.” Then a week later, Ms. Newman sent a text to K.S., providing K.S. the name and phone number of “STL Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, she said you can have your attorney call her.””

The next hearing to hash out the latest arguments will be Monday at 11am.

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