Top executives of Ranken Jordan forced to resign

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. - A shocking change at the top of the administration for Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital. Both their CEO Lauri Tanner and CFO Jean Bardwell were asked to resign.

The board of directors requested that the two women step down after they discovered they violated administrative policies.

According to a press release issued by a public relations firm representing Ranken Jordan, a review found that Tanner and Bardwell violated the hospital`s paid time off policies by obtaining reimbursements for paid time off to which they were not entitled.

Ranken Jordan cares for children with significant medical needs and transitions them from hospital to home - regardless of a family's ability to pay. They rely heavily on donations and private investments to do it.

“Bringing an end to the employment of two long time, senior leaders is very difficult. Both of them made many positive contributions to make Mary Ranken Jordan`s vision a reality for thousands of children. But in light of their policy violations, it is the right decision for our organization. Ranken Jordan has always carried out its mission with the highest standards and values, and the board of directors is fully committed to preserving and continuing them,” said Bill Willhite, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ranken Jordan.

The two women must also repay the money owed to the hospital.

Ranken Jordan sent a press release through a public relations firm which did not want to comment outside of the press release.