Opioid crisis and jump in murders, forces area morgues to find additional space

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – The You Paid For It Team has learned that the opioid crisis is creating a huge problem at area morgues.

We learned the St. Louis County Morgue is struggling to find places to store the bodies.

There's supposed to be one body to a cart, now in some cases, they're having to put two to a cart.

They've even brought in a refrigerated trailer in back of the facility in Berkeley where they're storing bodies.

St. Louis County Medical Examiner Dr. Mary Case says that's not even enough space and they may ultimately have to rent an 18-wheeler.

St. Louis County heroin-opiate deaths have gone from 87 in 2008 to 203 last year.

Adding to the problem, the big jump in murders in St. Louis County.

That's gone form 47 homicides in 2013 to 99 last year.

In addition, some families aren't coming to claim the bodies because they don't have the money to bury loved ones, leaving bodies at the morgue longer than usual further adding to the problem of finding space.