Saint Louis University sends alert after shots fired near campus

ST. LOUIS, MO — A suspect involved in a shooting near Saint Louis University is in custody. The gunfire happened in the lobby area of the Grand View apartments. They are located across from Saint Louis University. The campus sent an alert out after the incident. The victim of the shooting is expected to be OK. He is being treated at a hospital.

Police say two men got into an argument on one of the floors of the high-rise building located in the 300 block of South Grand Avenue. They got into a second confrontation in the lobby later Thursday morning. That is when the shooting happened.

A victim is in stable condition at the hospital after the shooting. Police say his injuries are not life-threatening. He is not a student at Saint Louis University.

Police arrested the suspect. FOX 2 cameras were recording when a man was taken away in a police vehicle. It is not clear if the suspect is a SLU student.

“They’re not friends but they know each other. They have had some interactions in the past,” said Police Capt. Renee Kreismann.

Both of the people involved in this shooting may have had weapons.

Saint Louis University sent an alert after the shooting. It said, “Shooter at the Grand View apartments near Reinart is in custody. Continue to avoid the area until further notice.”

Authorities have given the all clear. The situation appears to be over now.