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3 workers injured at construction work site in St. James MO

ST. JAMES, MO - Three workers were injured on a construction work site in St. James Wednesday afternoon.  The workers were putting roof trusses in place when they gave way, according to St. James Fire Chief Bruce Parton.

He said one worker suffered a broken leg, one went to the hospital for observation and a third turned down medical treatment at the scene.

“We really don’t know what caused the trusses to fail,” said Parton.  “I’m sure there will be a more thorough investigation tomorrow.”

Parton said the construction site is part of an expansion project at the St. James Diesel Performance Company.  The company repairs diesel engines.

“When you look at the wreckage and the condition of the trusses, it’s a wonder someone wasn’t more seriously injured or killed,” said St. James Fire Protection District Assistant Chief Carl Redburn.

Parton estimates the injured workers fell about 15 feet.  One worker on the ground looked up and started running.   Reburn said, “It happened in a split-second.”