Fears of new ride-sharing bikes tossed in the river

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ST. LOUIS – A California-based dockless bike sharing service rolled out its signature green bikes on St. Louis City streets this week. But some people are wondering if the bikes are cluttering up St. Louis.

City leaders said residents can expect to see these bike share services expand in St. Louis in the coming months.

Hundreds of the colorful bikes have popped up everywhere in St. Louis, from north St. Louis to south St Louis.

“These are dockless bikes, so yes, you are going to see bikes on sidewalks, on bike racks, and around town. So users, when they want to use a bike, they can come by and they can pick it up and they can unlock it and hop on and ride away,” said Deanna Venker, Commissioner of Traffic for the City of St. Louis.

Two bicycle-sharing companies—LimeBike and OFO USA—were approved to launch operations in the city.

Over the next few months, an estimated 5,000 bikes will hit the streets. While some residents think the bikes may become litter or clutter up the city, others have said the bikes will be put to good use.

Meanwhile, there was concern earlier this week that someone took a couple of the new LimeBikes and tossed them into the Mississippi River. However, authorities said that's not the case and the GPS on the bikes can sometimes be thrown off and indicated the bikes were in the river.

LimeBike said they have not found any bikes in the river and it's rare to have any bikes tampered with.

“There are going to be times that the bikes end up in inopportune places, but companies will come in and get them back in working condition and get them back on the road, so the rest of the people in our community can use that cycle,” Venker said.

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