Dramatic weather turnaround poses great threat to plants in St. Louis region

ST. LOUIS – We could see a freeze Monday night and that could cause homeowners a lot of problems with their flowers and trees.

This latest killing freeze for plants or trees that we have ever had in the St. Louis area is April 15, but that record could be broken Monday night.

Adam Guthrie, vice president of Baxter Farms, says the warm weather last week fooled the plants into thinking it was time to grow.

“We have conditions like last night where we have had like last night with potential freeze and all that tinder leaf and flower material could freeze back and potentially die,” Guthrie said.

While a business like Baxter Farms is too big to cover everything all their product, you can take precautions against a freeze.

“The best thing you can do, due to size, is cover plant material with sheets,” Guthrie said. “If anyone did buy annuals and plant any outdoor planters; if they have the ability to get them indoors, that’s a great thing. You can also cover with a bedsheet or pillowcases.”

But Guthrie also said you need to worry about plants facing south.

“Tinder plants, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, things that have started to flush or bloom, could get injured this evening,” he said.