Senator McCaskill discusses mice infestation at Clinton-Peabody complex

ST. LOUIS – Officials including U.S. Senator Clair McCaskill met at Clinton-Peabody housing projects Saturday to discuss the latest in the effort to deal with the mice infestation. They talked about the need to speed up solutions for the residents at the complex just south of downtown.  You Paid For It first broke the story last summer when the St. Louis Housing authority brought in 6 Feral Cats to deal with the mice problem. Since then a lot of officials including the Missouri Attorney General, Missouri Legislators and now Senator McCaskill have weighed in.

The Housing Authority, which owns the complex is now considering redoing the entire development, something that would cost about $30 million dollars. The Executive Director Cheryl Lovell has handed in her resignation.

We’re also told that Mayor Lyda Krewson has sacked the head of the Housing Commission along with other management shakeups.

The St. Louis Health Department found that nearly all the 30 buildings in the complex were infested with mice.