Scam artists convince Missouri man of false job hiring overseas

UNION, Mo. – Police in Union, Missouri are warning residents about an online employment scam. Investigators say the suspects appeared as though they were a company from another country and took over $25,000 from the victim who thought he had been hired as a subcontractor.

The victim explained that he had his resume on a bunch of job listing sites. He stated that he was contacted by a company call Jutland Offshore Company in Denmark. The victim said he checked their website and it appeared to check out. They asked him if he would be interested in a position that they had open and the victim said he was.

The victim said that he had a phone interview and it seemed legit because they were asking all the right questions for the position. He stated that they told him they did a background check on him and that he passed. He later received a contract from them and he signed to become a subcontractor for the company.

Investigators said the victim said that after he got hired on with the company they were sending him on-the-job training to complete and was grading and correcting so that led him to believe that this was a real job. The victim said that they sent him his first trial project along with the company bank account information to apply the first payment to his credit card for purchases.

Authorities said before the victim did any of that he stated that he called his credit card company and they told him that all of the information seemed to check out. After the victim completed the first project he said that they sent him information for the second project. The second project he completed that day and shipped items to Hong Kong.

The victim said he received the next project.

While the victim worked on the project, they told the victim that his corporate credit card should be arriving in the mail within a couple weeks. The card never arrived.

Police said the victim started getting bank payments returned as unauthorized.

The victim said that he tried calling the company after this began but couldn't get in contact with anyone with the company. The victim said the website that was provided in the emails had been taken down and was no longer in operation. In total, the victim said he lost over $25,000.

Union police said this was a very elaborate scheme from a team of con artists. They convinced the victim he was being hired to do purchasing for the company. A really nice salary and commissions were promised. He was to use his personal credit card, until the corporate credit card was issued to him, and he would be reimbursed, through a bank account that he was authorized to make transfers from, to his credit card.

All appeared fine until the bank transfers were determined to be fraudulent. The purchases that the victim made were for iPhones and they were shipped to Hong Kong.

The Union Police Department gave the following warning to the public:

Information that you receive on the internet, and even on a telephone, is suspect, at best. Anyone can say they work for a reputable company. They can use any name they want to use. You have no verifiable information until you check out the information through trusted sources. Never use links, within an email, to check out information. Do not use phone numbers provided by the person who is trying to deal with you. Use independent sources to try to verify information and then you should still be wary of the information, if you are being asked to use your money, with a promise of reimbursement. Don't buy it. Slow down. Ask your local police agency to help you make a decision before you become a VICTIM.