St. Louis Zoo lays out vision for North County expansion

CLAYTON, MO – An African Safari in North County.  Tuesday, we got our first look at new plans for the St. Louis Zoo's proposed expansion, and new details on the cost to taxpayers.

We`ve told you about the zoo`s plans to buy 425 acres near Spanish Lake, but today we got our first look at the vision for that property.

175 acres would be set aside for new zoo safari, and wildlife adventures, which might include safari tours, zip-lines and maybe overnight camping.

The remaining 250 acres, now owned by the plumbers and pipefitters union and home to the Emerald Green Golf Course would be for a breeding facility.

Zoo leaders have already raised $7.1 million to buy the land; they`re now asking for a 1/8th of 1 cent sales tax hike to pay for the development and upkeep of the existing zoo in Forest Park.

City and county taxpayers would get free admission to the new facility in the county, everyone else would have to pay.