Missouri House report on Gov. Eric Greitens to be released Wednesday

JEFFERSON CITY, MO - The Missouri House report concerning the investigation into Governor Eric Greitens will be released Wednesday.

The Special Committee on Oversight met again behind closed doors in the basement of the state capitol Tuesday afternoon. It was not a long meeting, about a half hour.

Democrat Gina Mitten represents Richmond Heights. She serves on the special committee and said they have been non-partisan in their work.

“Every member of this committee takes the job very seriously. We are focusing on the investigation under the parameters of the resolution and we take that very seriously and are doing our work in that regard,” said Representative Gina Mitten.

Governor Eric Greitens admitted to an affair. There are questions concerning a picture he may have taken of his mistress, whether he threatened to release it, and if he transmitted it electronically.

“I still think the appropriate thing for the governor to do is to step down because he’s not been an effective governor. In these last few weeks he’s been fighting this case,” said Representative Shamed Dogan.

Dogan is one of about a dozen Republicans who signed a petition calling for Greitens to resign. He says the mood in the legislature is somber.

“People are not expecting great things to come out in the report,” said Representative Shamed Dogan.

Democrats, like Deb Lavender, told FOX 2 that she senses a mood of concern in the halls of the capitol.  The Kirkwood Democrat said, “It feels like were trying to hurry and get as much possible done before that happens.”

Both Republicans and Democrats agreed that the committee’s investigation the governor has not been leaky. Members have been effective at being secretive.