Men against cancer dole out $300K in grants for research

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – For 49 years they`ve been funding cancer research, prevention, and care in the St. Louis community.

It`s the St. Louis Men`s Group against Cancer, “Just businessmen in the St. Louis area and doctors,” says Neil Marglous, Chairman St. Louis Men`s Group against Cancer.  “We have a doctor`s advisory committee that helps us allocate the money that are more experienced and professional fashion.”

Tuesday, the group announcing the featured speaker at the annual dinner this November.

Broadcaster Bob Costas returning for the St. Louis Men`s Group against Cancer dinner.

Proceeds from the night benefit cancer-related organizations in the area.

“Very nice for him to come back because it`s a new generation of people,” says Marglous.  “We`re attracting a lot more young people to the dinner.  And the dinner is only open to men.  We`ll have between five and six hundred men at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton.”

But there`s a midday meeting next month that the nonprofit organization enjoys every year.

It`s their May 10th allocation luncheon.

“We like to say it`s our best day of the year,” says Mike Lefton, President St. Louis Men`s Group against Cancer.  “Giving away the money we get to hear a little bit from each of the recipients and it`s just a great day.”

More than $300,000 will be given to 42 area cancer-related charities.

Among this year`s group receiving grant money, the December 5th Foundation and Valeda`s Hope which provides recliners to women who have undergone a double mastectomy.

Tuesday, letters went out in the mail to upcoming recipients of the St. Louis Men`s Group against Cancer grants.

“Many relationships have been built from that luncheon where one organization finds out about another organization providing a service, they might have a patient that can benefit from that,” says Lefton.  “So, we`re really putting all of these organizations together in one room.  We like to say we wrap our arms around the entire St. Louis cancer community.”

Tickets are still available for the luncheon and dinner in the fight against cancer.


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