Manchester residents rattled by thefts from cars

MANCHESTER, MO – Manchester residents woke up Sunday to find their cars had been rifled through, one was actually stolen.

In-home surveillance video you can see an individual open up the door to a car sitting in a driveway and rummage through the vehicle.

According to the Manchester police, multiple cars in the County Lane Woods neighborhood were hit on the same night. In another surveillance video, you can see two individuals enter a garage and steal the car itself. Police said the garage was left open and the keys were in the car.

Neighbors said they heard about 10 cars were hit. They said even though it was a crime of opportunity it still made them uneasy.

Police are reminding people to take valuables from their cars and to lock the doors. They are also asking if anyone has information about the two individuals in the video to please contact the Manchester Police Department.