March for Our Lives St. Louis organizers host gun violence town hall

KIRKWOOD, MO – There’s another push from young people to stop gun violence. The students that organized March for Our Lives St. Louis held a town hall Sunday.

This was all put together by a group of local students, some not even old enough to vote. They’re trying to continue the momentum of March for Our Lives, but today they use their words to talk about solutions to gun violence and the problems the City of St. Louis faces.

“Whatever you feel, the step to ending gun violence there’s a space for you in our movement.  We want all voices to be heard and we just want something to be done because every time there’s an incident their thoughts and prayers, and there’s no action.  So, we just want to take steps towards having safer communities in the future,” said organizer Maye McConnell-Curry.

The group is getting support from its peers.

“I can’t vote yet, but someday.  In two years I will be able to vote and I think it’s important to educate myself,” says one teen.

And groups like Moms Demand Action support the effort. One woman says, “It’s really inspiring and motivating, and the students have been so eloquent, and passionate, and they know firsthand what it’s like to grow up with active shooter drills.”

Local politicians and candidates answered questions from the students about gun violence. They touched on responsible gun ownership, the possibility of banning assault rifles, police excessive force, suicide and much more.

“I am no more or no less American based upon my decision to own a firearm,” says one candidate.

The questions and comments were then opened to the public.

A teacher says, “Several weeks ago there was a shooting two blocks from the school that I work at that’s in your district Mr. Davison and Mr. Clay.  And we were on lockdown keeping 150 kids quiet in closets and the idea of arming teachers is freaking insane let me just say.”

Many answers ultimately came back to electing the right representatives.

“They (politicians) know from every election in the past they can get NRA money and they can get NRA votes and they don’t believe you’re going to show up. It’s a simple as that. There’s one way to change that show up and vote,” says a spokesperson.

Many speakers also made a point to mention the absence of Congresswoman Ann Wagner and Senator Roy Blunt.  Senator Claire McCaskill sent word of her support for tonight’s town hall meeting.

Many people at today’s event supported more gun control and say it’s not about getting rid of guns altogether, just having more sensible legislation.