Police hope surveillance video leads to arrests after mailboxes, vehicle windows smashed

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CHESTERFIELD, MO- Police hope surveillance video will lead to arrests after several mailboxes and car mirrors were vandalized.

The neighborhoods affected include Kittridge Drive and Hill House Road.

On a recent morning, residents awoke to discover the property damage.

“The mailbox was over by the sewer. I know it had to be something pretty strong to split the wood like that,” resident Kelly Uelhof said.

Chesterfield Police Sgt. Keith Rider said more than a dozen car side mirrors were hit.

Fortunately, Rider said, surveillance video is helping detectives piece together what happened and who might be responsible. Several residents have registered their cameras with a city. In the event an incident occurs at or near a property, residents can be contacted to see if they would be willing to share their video.

“And this happened to actually work out for us this time,” Sgt. Rider said. “In our database, we had a citizen who registered their camera where the crimes occurred. And they were actually able to see footage of the suspect vehicle going by the area.”

A review of the video showed what appeared to be a Honda Accord. While no faces can be seen, Rider said that juveniles tend to be behind such activity.

In the meantime, neighbors are moving on – and with a sense of humor.

“My husband bought with cement. And we’re going to be building a new mailbox pretty soon. But with three kids that doesn’t happy very fast,” Uelhof laughed.

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