With Prop L failure, Francis Howell School District could be forced to make cuts

ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Voters in the Francis Howell School District did not approve the passage of a tax hike called proposition learn. Now they face the strong possibility of cuts throughout the district.

For the third straight time, voters in the district said “no” to a tax levy for schools. The district hasn't been able to pass a levy since 2004.

And now forced cuts could be coming.

“Since 2016, the district has already cut $12 million and now since this hasn’t passed the board’s going to face some tough decisions,” said Kris Newman, who has three kids in the Francis Howell School District.

Newman is one of the moms who backed Prop L. She’s worried because her community has a reputation for supporting their own public schools.

“I grew up in public school,” she said. “I got a great education. I wanted the same for my kids.”

Over 30,000 people voted for school board races, but just under 20,000 for Prop L. It was a 51-48 percent tally. Approximately 600 votes decided the fate of Prop L and area moms believe that many people didn’t even know the specifics of the proposition.

“I stay hopeful we will not lose the amazing teachers that we have in our district, that put their heart and soul into these jobs,” said Jen Jungers, mother of two kids in the school district.

One man said off camera that he voted “no” because he thinks the district has enough money and needs to manage their funds better.

The district released the following statement Wednesday:

“As an organization, we are certainly disappointed with the results of yesterday’s election. We are thankful for the hundreds of community members, parents, and employees who volunteered their time and effort during the campaign and the thousands of voters who said 'yes' to proposition learn.”