St. Louis County wants to equip officers with cameras with ‘Prop P’ funds

CLAYTON, MO — St. Louis County is looking to build trust between police officers and the people they serve. The county is looking for proposals to equip officers and patrol cars with cameras.

Our news partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch report, the county is looking to buy 120 body cameras and 377 in-car cameras. Each body camera will be rotated every eight hours among three officers. Both body cameras and in-car cameras will record audio.

The St. Louis County Police Department says it will install dashboard cameras in the majority of patrol cars, and body cameras will be strategically placed on individual officers.

The county will use the money from “Proposition P” to fund the equipment. The public safety sales tax was passed last year with proceeds going towards the county and its municipalities.

St. Louis County is also using the funds to hire more police officers, increase police salaries, increase the number of two-officer cars on the roads, and expand officer training. The department hopes to hire a total of 114 officers using Prop P funding. So far, Chief Jon Belmar has hired about 40 officers.

The deadline for the bids is May 4, 2018. The county hopes to have the program in place by October.