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Pothole and road repairs on this sunny Friday

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ST. LOUIS - Sunshine in St. Louis and a brief break from the rain has work crews with the Missouri Department of Transportation in high gear.

Crews spent their whole day patching the bridge deck on Interstate 64 that goes over Vandeventer.

After a gloomy week, the sunshine is a welcome sight to many. Road crews are trying to take advantage of it by filling potholes and repairing other issues.

“The big concern we’ve got going on right now is Route 64 around Vandeventer is the wearing on that bridge deck is coming off because of the same thing and creating those situations,” said Bob Becker, the MoDOT Maintenance Engineer for the St. Louis District. “We’re out there today and we had a close part of those lanes last night and we make out our early this morning to try to get that taken care of,”

Becker said more than 400 potholes were reported in March, which is up for this time of year. Crews are trying to get to as much done as they can before more cold and wet weather moves in.

“It’s more the moisture right now and hopefully the ground temperature will be warm enough water will be warm enough so we shouldn’t have a lot of issues with freezing in the payment and underneath that, since it’s been so warm lately,” he said.

But the recent storms have put a damper on other projects.

“Anytime it rains we get rained out, so we didn’t work yesterday, we didn’t work Tuesday. Saturday we’re probably not gonna work,” said construction worker Cullen Urick.

Crews have a short window of dry time before Sunday’s expected snow and drivers said there’s still a lot of work ahead.

“Oh yeah There are a lot of potholes. There are potholes on Forest Park, there are potholes on Grand Avenue, that’s in this area,” said driver Regina Ware.

But it’s springtime in St. Louis and rain is the reality.

“That’s just the nature of the beast We’re subject to Mother Nature and her elements,” Urick said.

If you see any potholes, you can report it to MoDOT or your local street department. They can also help you figure out whose jurisdiction a road is in.

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