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Local woman pulls neighbor from burning home

ST. LOUIS – A woman is being hailed a hero after pulling a neighbor from his burning home.

The fire started in the kitchen of a home on Margaretta Avenue after the homeowner fell asleep after putting food on the stove.

Cathryn Steeps said she was next door visiting her grandmother when she smelled smoke. She said she went outside and saw the smoke coming from her neighbor’s house.

Steeps said the first thing she thought was that he was a nice guy and she needed to help him. She ran through the gangway, hopped the fence, and went inside the man’s back door.

Steeps said as soon as she opened the door, smoke hit her in the face.

“At first, I wasn’t going to go in because of the smoke, but I just put my shirt over my face and thought I have to go in and find this man because he is a good man,” she said.

Because the smoke was so thick, Steeps felt her way through the home. She eventually got to the front of the house, where she found her neighbor asleep on the sofa. Steeps got him outside before the fire department arrived.

St. Louis Fire Captain Garon Mosby said Steeps saved her neighbor’s life and was a true hero.

“To not have the training, to not have the equipment, and to care that much for her neighbor, it’s pretty impressive,” Mosby said. “It’s heroic.”