Burglar targets Maryland Heights neighborhood for overnight break-ins

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Garth Ahner was in Florida enjoying the cool breeze and Cardinals spring training, but back in his home, burglars were doing some spring cleaning.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” Ahner said. “I really don’t. It’s bad.”

Ahner said he’s at a loss for words and understanding after burglars made their way into his home and stole his money and some other valuables, all while his daughter and mother were sleeping inside.

“Apparently, the back door was unlocked,” he said. “So, no forceful entry or anything like that.”

What’s shocking – Ahner wasn’t the only victim.

A spokesperson for the Maryland Heights Police Department said there’s been a series of similar burglaries in Ahner’s neighborhood. The burglar’s tactics are identical – authorities said the bandits enter the homes through unlocked doors between hours of midnight and 6 a.m. while everyone is asleep.

“You have to be pretty desperate or pretty crazy to go into a house where someone is staying,” Ahner said. “I don’t know what your thought processes are.”

Police have recommended homeowners lock their doors, windows, and set their security alarms.

Meanwhile, with word of the burglaries, homeowners who normally keep their doors unlocked are now thinking otherwise.

“There was a practice around here because we felt so safe and secure,” homeowner Raleigh Grandberry III said. “Then you start hearing about burglaries, you can understand why!”

Ahner, on the other hand, said he’s been left feeling like a stranger in his own house.

“That’s the worst part; trying to sleep in your same room where they did all the rummaging and destruction of property and all that stuff and stealing,” he said. “That’s the sick part.”

For additional help, Maryland Heights police are also encouraging residents to register your video surveillance cameras with the police department.

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