Brisket bandit hitting several St. Louis area restaurants

ST. LOUIS - Police are investigating three incidents of meat being stolen from area restaurants. One business, Callier’s Catering on Manchester Road in Ballwin, caught the thieves on their security camera.

Security video footage shows a man walk out of sight into the business’ walk-in cooler. He appears later carrying a side of beef. His partner comes back to the truck with a box of batteries from the Battery’s Plus store next door.

“I'd love to have the video on TV because people that would look would say, 'I've seen those guys before,'” said Dennis Callier, owner of Callier’s Catering.

Callier called it a petty crime but thinks it could be worse and could be happening to several businesses.

“I know it's not just happening to me and I know they start in Wildwood and work their way in,” said Callier.

Salt and Smoke Barbeque on Hampton has been hit twice, on January 28 and March 6. Employees say that the stainless-steel doors of a smoker had been compromised both times. Also both times, a man was seen carrying large objects to his car.

Callier says in 35 years of business in Ballwin, he has only had one other issue, but he doesn’t think his business was necessarily targeted.

“When they did this at 12:50 to 1:00 it was during our least busiest time. It had to be a coincidence, I’m sure,” said Callier.

Callier said he's just glad he has these guys on his cameras and says they’re going to get better ones so that next time they’ll get their license plates.