City officials studying what to do with concrete balls

ST. LOUIS – The You Paid For It Team sits down with the President of the St. Louis Board of Public Service. Rich Bradley says he's taking a hard look at those concrete balls on Compton Avenue that have riled up a lot of motorists who say they make it harder to make a turn.

He says for now they've decided not to put the balls anywhere else in the city. Right now the balls are only on 5 intersections on Compton.

He says officials are studying the matter to decide the best course.

They haven't made up their minds on whether to remove some of the balls, or leave all of them where they are.

5 of the balls have been hit so far.  Officials are studying the situation to see what can be done to satisfy the need to slow down traffic and at the same time resolve complaints from those who want to concrete balls removed.