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Volunteers help repackage food aid for those in need

ST. LOUIS - More than 100 volunteers spent their Saturday morning inside a St. Louis area warehouse repackaging boxes of food so they can end up in the hands of people who need them.  Agape Inventory Donation takes overstock inventory and moves it to people in need.


“This is not a big corporation.  It’s just pretty much a grass roots effort,” said the organization’s founder Jay Peters.


The grassroots effort will lead to approximately one million meals being repackaged and sent to agencies that can make sure the food gets in the hands of those who need it.  The overstock came from hurricane relief efforts and was sitting in warehouse in other parts of the country.


“I paid for everything to bring it up here,” said Peters.   “We’re still going to try to figure that out. I’m on the hook for that.  We did do some crowd funding on our website and we’d love for help in that area to move more of it.”


Volunteer Jessica Ambuehl called the effort, “Amazing.”


“We need a lot of positive stories and people forget because they always hear so many negative things,” she said.  “They forget that there’s a lot of good that happens and this a prime example of that.”