Charges dropped against former Monarch Fire District chief

CHESTERFIELD, MO – On Friday, the Monarch Fire District announced that all charges brought against its former Chief, Chuck Marsonette, have been dropped.

In August 2016, charges were brought by a previous employer of Marsonette, Reliant Care Management Co., alleging he scammed them over a three-year period. Marsonette was their director of safety from 2010 to June 2014 and was given a company credit card to use for business-related expenses as well as a $160 monthly stipend to cover cellphone costs. Reliant Care accused Marsonette of keeping the stipend and using the company credit card to pay off his cellphone bill among other financial impropriety accusations.

Marsonette was formally charged with four counts of theft/stealing more than $500. On Friday, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office dismissed the charges at the request ofReliant Care Management Co., who no longer desired to have the case criminally prosecuted.

The Monarch Fire Protection Board ordered an independent audit of its finances after Chief Marsonette was accused of wrongdoing. That audit found no improprieties.