“Photo enforced?” City explains why signs remain after red-light cameras deactivated

ST. LOUIS - The sign reads, "Photo Enforced," but what is it enforcing?

The answer: nothing. The courts struck down St. Louis' red-light camera ordinance a few years ago.

"It is no longer active. It hasn't been active since about 2014," said St. Louis City Streets Director Jamie Wilson, referring to a red-light camera that remains in place at Skinker Road and Forsyth Boulevard.

Dozens of "Photo Enforced" signs are up in the city where red-light cameras were once in operation, monitoring red light running and rolling stops.

The cameras are still up but not active. The signs are also up. Wilson said it might lead some drivers to believe they are actually being watched.

The intention is not to mislead, Wilson said. But he added that the "Photo Enforced" signs change attitudes, forcing some drivers to be more cautious.

"Even though the equipment is not in operation, to obey the traffic laws and not run red lights," he said. "On the conservative side, if someone does believe they're being watched--even though they're not--if they choose to obey the traffic law, I'm willing to take that side."

Wilson said in 2017, the city reported about 60 fatalities due to vehicle crashes of all types.